MSA Stage 4 School of Architecture

Keiren Cheung (He/Him)

My final year project is concerned with the urban realm of Pollokshields. Tasked with our site boundary, Maxwell Square and Kingston Bowling Green, sits the location of my Urban Housing and Urban Building respectively.

The design brief stipulates the theme of ‘Living in Agreement’, at the beginning of the year we were divided up into research groups in tackling the theme of ‘Tectonics’ within the context of our site Pollokshields. In Semester 1, the Urban Housing: Maxwell Court is concerned with designing adaptable housing for the community at Pollokshields. The building explores the balance between commercial and residential living, by of means using circulation space as a place of congregation and community.

For Semester 2, the Urban Building: Pollokshields Playhouse is an performance arts building for the community. It features two key performance spaces: Auditorium and Theatre which is sandwiched between a central atrium aligned with the existing tenement buildings.

Pollokshields Playhouse
Maxwell Court

Exploded Axonometric

Pollokshields Playhouse

The Pollokshields Playhouse building sits on the old ‘Kingston Bowling Green’ site and is surrounded by an assortment of residential and public buildings. The key spaces within Pollokshields Playhouse are; auditorium, theatre and community rooms. The atrium is a juncture which interconnects with all the key spaces aforementioned, as well as providing the circulation thresholds with the wider context of the site. Other key spaces include a gallery for art installations, an outdoor terrace and bar for performance interlude breaks. The exterior language of the mono-pitched room expresses both the performance spaces, in addition Profiliet Glass which diffuses the light giving an internal atmospheric backdrop over the adjacent allotment gardens. The hard-landscaping creates two paths; diagonal and straight which links to existing buildings such as; Shields Medical Centre, Glendale Primary School and Pollokshields Medical Practice. The soft-landscape is intertwined with trees and grass to embed and reinforce the building typology of ‘building in the round’. An outdoor amphitheatre is sandwiched in-between the paths directly opposite the main entrance to the building, creating a main focal point. Materiality, the building is clad in red Pilotage stretcher bricks which reinforces the industrial vicinity of the site, it is furthermore characterised with Corten-Steel panels underneath window sills and lintels. Internally, acoustical timber panels are used in both performance spaces to create a suitable acoustical environment. The theme of thresholds is examined though the floor material and structure columns in the main atrium which aligns with the existing rear backdrop of the tenements.

Location Plan

Exploded Axonometric

Site Massing Model

Sectional Model A-A

Sectional Model - Rear Theatre & North Façade

Sectional Model - West Entrance Façade

Maxwell Road Elevation

McCulloch Street Elevation

Section A-A

Section B-B

GF Site Plan

1F Plan

2F Plan

Internal Perspective - Central Atrium Space

Internal Perspective - Main Auditorium

Maxwell Court

Maxwell Court is a combined residential and commercial complex. It is situated at a prominent corner site opposite Maxwell Square on Leslie Street within the site boundary of Pollokshields. The theme of thresholds is central to the design of Maxwell Court, which encourages interaction amongst the communities through the shared atrium space where all apartments adjoin. The ground floor is open plan with four separate units and is dedicated for local businesses or spaces for community groups. On the upper floors, lies the residential flats which offers a mixture of 1-bed, 2-bed and 3-bed apartments to cater for a wider demographic. More so, the corner block cantilevers which responds to the adjacent exiting tenement blocks. This is further insinuated by the separate roof profile which demarcates the living areas of each flat. In terms of service and access, the ground floor has a dedicated bin store and bike storage area to serve for the commercial units and residential flats. Materiality, the cladding of the building is in keeping with the neighbouring blonde sandstone tenements and zinc roofing. Internally, the shared atrium space has a modern and minimalistic feel with a timber texture board marked concrete finish and a timber balustrade deck. In terms of landscaping, a section of Leslie Street is blocked off to further create a traffic calming area and form a greater connection between the internal atrium space and external Maxwell Square.

Leslie Street Elevation

Section B-B

Site Massing Model

GF Plan

Typical 1F & 2F Plans